A list of Drew Barrymore comparisions:

CelebritiesPercent of Drew Barrymore wins
Drew Barrymore vs Aaliyah100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Adriana Lima66.67
Drew Barrymore vs Alyson Hannigan20.00
Drew Barrymore vs Amerie90.00
Drew Barrymore vs Amy Smart41.67
Drew Barrymore vs Anna Nicole Smith62.50
Drew Barrymore vs Anna Paquin77.78
Drew Barrymore vs Asia Argento100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Bar Refaeli25.00
Drew Barrymore vs Billie Piper50.00
Drew Barrymore vs Bridget Fonda75.00
Drew Barrymore vs Brooke Shields50.00
Drew Barrymore vs Charlotte Church90.91
Drew Barrymore vs Cindy Crawford73.33
Drew Barrymore vs Cindy Margolis73.33
Drew Barrymore vs Claudia Schiffer29.17
Drew Barrymore vs Diane Lane40.00
Drew Barrymore vs Elle MacPherson37.93
Drew Barrymore vs Emilia Clarke0.00
Drew Barrymore vs Erika Eleniak33.33
Drew Barrymore vs Eva Green24.14
Drew Barrymore vs Gemma Arterton48.72
Drew Barrymore vs Helen Hunt56.25
Drew Barrymore vs Holly Madison100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Holly Valance50.00
Drew Barrymore vs Jamie Lee Curtis45.83
Drew Barrymore vs Jessica Jane Clement33.33
Drew Barrymore vs Jodie Foster100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Jordana Brewster72.41
Drew Barrymore vs Julie Benz29.41
Drew Barrymore vs Kara Tointon66.67
Drew Barrymore vs Kate Moss83.33
Drew Barrymore vs Katy Perry47.92
Drew Barrymore vs Kelli Garner47.06
Drew Barrymore vs Kelly Monaco58.33
Drew Barrymore vs Kendra Wilkinson100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Kim Kardashian55.56
Drew Barrymore vs Kristanna Loken37.50
Drew Barrymore vs Lady Gaga73.33
Drew Barrymore vs Leighton Meester50.00
Drew Barrymore vs Lily Allen92.86
Drew Barrymore vs Linda Evangelista60.00
Drew Barrymore vs Lucy Lawless53.33
Drew Barrymore vs Maria Menounos50.00
Drew Barrymore vs Maria Sharapova100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Michelle Pfeiffer36.36
Drew Barrymore vs Michelle Trachtenberg44.12
Drew Barrymore vs Mila Kunis50.00
Drew Barrymore vs Miley Cyrus68.42
Drew Barrymore vs Minnie Driver100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Nicki Minaj50.00
Drew Barrymore vs Nikki Cox60.00
Drew Barrymore vs Nina Dobrev64.71
Drew Barrymore vs Noelia100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Paz Vega61.90
Drew Barrymore vs Rachel Hunter69.23
Drew Barrymore vs Rebecca Gayheart100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Rihanna100.00
Drew Barrymore vs Robin Wright Penn50.00
Drew Barrymore vs Roselyn Sanchez64.71
Drew Barrymore vs Sarah Chalke60.00
Drew Barrymore vs Sasha Grey57.14
Drew Barrymore vs Shannen Doherty46.15
Drew Barrymore vs Sigourney Weaver31.58
Drew Barrymore vs Sophie Marceau50.00
Drew Barrymore vs Tiffani Amber Thiessen38.10
Drew Barrymore vs Victoria Silvstedt72.73
Drew Barrymore vs Yasmine Bleeth31.25
Drew Barrymore vs Zooey Deschanel25.00
Aishwarya Rai vs Drew Barrymore27.78
Alessandra Ambrosio vs Drew Barrymore21.05
Ali Larter vs Drew Barrymore15.79
Alicia Silverstone vs Drew Barrymore27.27
Alyssa Milano vs Drew Barrymore28.57
Amanda Bynes vs Drew Barrymore47.06
Amanda Peet vs Drew Barrymore33.33
Amy Adams vs Drew Barrymore36.36
Angelina Jolie vs Drew Barrymore31.58
Ashlee Simpson vs Drew Barrymore45.45
Ashley Judd vs Drew Barrymore46.67
Ashley Olsen vs Drew Barrymore54.55
Audrey Tautou vs Drew Barrymore24.00
Avril Lavigne vs Drew Barrymore16.67
Beyonce Knowles vs Drew Barrymore28.57
Britney Spears vs Drew Barrymore36.36
Brooke Burke vs Drew Barrymore32.50
Calista Flockhart vs Drew Barrymore23.08
Cameron Diaz vs Drew Barrymore31.25
Carmen Electra vs Drew Barrymore30.00
Carrie Anne Moss vs Drew Barrymore16.98
Catherine Bell vs Drew Barrymore29.17
Catherine Zeta Jones vs Drew Barrymore29.41
Charlize Theron vs Drew Barrymore12.96
Christina Aguilera vs Drew Barrymore15.79
Christina Applegate vs Drew Barrymore25.00
Christina Milian vs Drew Barrymore9.68
Christina Ricci vs Drew Barrymore30.77
Chyler Leigh vs Drew Barrymore5.00
Claire Forlani vs Drew Barrymore5.26
Courteney Cox vs Drew Barrymore15.38
Demi Moore vs Drew Barrymore36.36
Denise Richards vs Drew Barrymore40.00
Diane Kruger vs Drew Barrymore16.67
Elisha Cuthbert vs Drew Barrymore20.00
Eliza Dushku vs Drew Barrymore15.79
Elizabeth Hurley vs Drew Barrymore0.00
Emily Watson vs Drew Barrymore23.08
Emmy Rossum vs Drew Barrymore40.00
Eva Longoria vs Drew Barrymore38.10
Eva Mendes vs Drew Barrymore24.24
Evangeline Lilly vs Drew Barrymore20.00
Gillian Anderson vs Drew Barrymore15.38
Gisele Bundchen vs Drew Barrymore46.15
Gwyneth Paltrow vs Drew Barrymore28.57
Halle Berry vs Drew Barrymore35.29
Hayden Panettiere vs Drew Barrymore6.67
Heather Graham vs Drew Barrymore25.00
Heidi Klum vs Drew Barrymore22.86
Hilary Duff vs Drew Barrymore23.08
Hilary Swank vs Drew Barrymore33.33
Isabella Rossellini vs Drew Barrymore22.22
Janet Jackson vs Drew Barrymore36.36
Jenna Jameson vs Drew Barrymore9.52
Jennifer Aniston vs Drew Barrymore13.79
Jennifer Connelly vs Drew Barrymore11.76
Jennifer Lopez vs Drew Barrymore50.00
Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Drew Barrymore19.35
Jessica Alba vs Drew Barrymore27.27
Jessica Biel vs Drew Barrymore20.69
Jessica Simpson vs Drew Barrymore38.46
Julia Stiles vs Drew Barrymore18.18
Kate Beckinsale vs Drew Barrymore13.33
Kate Hudson vs Drew Barrymore37.50
Katherine Heigl vs Drew Barrymore20.00
Katie Holmes vs Drew Barrymore29.41
Katie Price vs Drew Barrymore28.57
Keira Knightley vs Drew Barrymore21.74
Kirsten Dunst vs Drew Barrymore24.00
Kristen Bell vs Drew Barrymore20.83
Kristin Kreuk vs Drew Barrymore3.23
Kylie Minogue vs Drew Barrymore21.74
Laetitia Casta vs Drew Barrymore10.00
Leelee Sobieski vs Drew Barrymore20.00
Lindsay Lohan vs Drew Barrymore50.00
Liv Tyler vs Drew Barrymore10.00
Lucy Liu vs Drew Barrymore20.69
Madonna vs Drew Barrymore55.56
Marion Cotillard vs Drew Barrymore27.50
Marisa Miller vs Drew Barrymore10.00
Mary-Kate Olsen vs Drew Barrymore28.57
Meg Ryan vs Drew Barrymore27.27
Mena Suvari vs Drew Barrymore14.29
Michelle Monaghan vs Drew Barrymore18.18
Michelle Rodriguez vs Drew Barrymore17.95
Milla Jovovich vs Drew Barrymore23.08
Mischa Barton vs Drew Barrymore20.00
Monica Bellucci vs Drew Barrymore8.82
Naomi Watts vs Drew Barrymore15.62
Natalie Portman vs Drew Barrymore20.83
Neve Campbell vs Drew Barrymore20.00
Nicole Kidman vs Drew Barrymore11.76
Pamela Anderson vs Drew Barrymore33.33
Paris Hilton vs Drew Barrymore45.45
Penelope Cruz vs Drew Barrymore24.14
Rachel Bilson vs Drew Barrymore33.33
Rachel McAdams vs Drew Barrymore28.00
Rachel Weisz vs Drew Barrymore17.65
Reese Witherspoon vs Drew Barrymore0.00
Renee Zellweger vs Drew Barrymore35.29
Rosario Dawson vs Drew Barrymore11.11
Rose McGowan vs Drew Barrymore23.53
Salma Hayek vs Drew Barrymore15.79
Sandra Bullock vs Drew Barrymore30.43
Sarah Jessica Parker vs Drew Barrymore31.25
Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Drew Barrymore36.36
Scarlett Johansson vs Drew Barrymore8.89
Selma Blair vs Drew Barrymore22.73
Shakira vs Drew Barrymore16.67
Shannon Elizabeth vs Drew Barrymore22.22
Sharon Stone vs Drew Barrymore42.86
Sienna Miller vs Drew Barrymore31.25
Stacy Ferguson vs Drew Barrymore20.00
Talisa Soto vs Drew Barrymore37.50
Tara Reid vs Drew Barrymore45.45
Tea Leoni vs Drew Barrymore27.78
Tia Carrere vs Drew Barrymore19.35
Tori Spelling vs Drew Barrymore30.43
Tyra Banks vs Drew Barrymore31.25
Uma Thurman vs Drew Barrymore38.10
Winona Ryder vs Drew Barrymore24.00

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