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  • Jessica is taller than Mary-Kate.
  • Jessica is preferred by 75.05% people over other celebrities.
  • Mary-Kate is younger than Jessica.
  • Mary-Kate is preferred by 26.38% people over other celebrities.

She is known for as Max Guevara on TV Series Dark Angel (2000). Jessica's father is Mark Alba (Spanish/Mexican-American; real estate owner, once joined US Air Force). She was born in Pomona, California USA. She is 5'6" tall. Hermother's name is Cathy Alba (French/Danish; born in Montreal). Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Jessica's nationality is American. Jessica's weight is 127 lbs. Jessica was born on April 28, 1981. Joshua Alba (actor; born on July 8, 1982) is Jessica's brother.

She is a proffessional actress. Elizabeth Olsen (born on February 16, 1989), Ashley Olsen (twin sister) is Mary-Kate's sister. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Mary-Kate works as a Producer. Mary-Kate's nationality is American. Her real name is Mary Kate Olsen. Trent Olsen (born in 1982) is Mary-Kate's brother. Mary-Kate's father is David Olsen (mortgage banker; born in 1953; divorced in February 1996). Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is 5'2" tall.

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Jessica Alba's latest films: "The Love Guru" (2008) where she played Jane Bullard , "The Eye" (2008) where she played Sydney Wells and "Przebudzenie" (2007) where she played Sam Lockwood.

Mary-Kate Olsen's latest films: "Weeds" (2007) where she played Tara Lindman , "Factory Girl" (2006) where she played Art Gallery Patron and "Saturday Night Live" (2004) where she played Host.

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