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Her birth name is Militza Natasha Jovovich. Luc Besson , Shawn Andrews is Milla's spouse. Milla's mother's name is Galina Loginova. Milla attended Excelsior High School. She was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She was born on December 17, 1975. Milla's nationality is Russian. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Milla's father is Bogich Jovovich. She works as a model, a musician and an and model.

Rachel is known for as Miranda in Stealing Beauty (1996). Rachel's nationality is British. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. She attended Cambridge University in Cambridge, England (majored in English Literature). She was born in London, England. Rachel's father is George (Jewish-Hungarian inventor). Rachel's mother's name is Ruth (Jewish-Austrian psychoanalyst). Rachel is 5'7" tall. She was born on March 7, 1971. She is a proffessional actress.

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Milla Jovovich's latest films: "Resident Evil: Extinction" (2007) where she played Alice , "The Evolution of 'Resident Evil': Bridge to Extinction" (2007) where she played Alice and ".45" (2006) where she played Kat.

Rachel Weisz's latest films: "The Colossus" (2007) where she played Olive Schreiner , "Fred Claus" (2007) where she played Wanda and "Definitely, Maybe" (2007) where she played Summer Hartley.

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